Namibia and South Africa by Folding Bike

A failed attempt to cross Namibia by folding bike. Looking back, it was probably fortunate that my bike snapped in half before I got too far into the desert and while I still had phone signal – it was definitely my worst thought-out trip to date. I had marked on the map all the places I thought I could stock up on water on the way – including rivers and farm buildings. However, the first few ‘rivers’ I reached were seasonal rivers and were completely dry this time of year. The first farm house I came across was actually 15km off the road – so it would’ve taken me a whole day just to get there and back. My progress was little faster than walking pace with my tiny wheels on the stony roads. Cycling through the sub-tropical forests along the coast of South Africa was much more sensible.

This journal also covers a university biology field trip in South Africa which was the reason I was in the area in the first place.