About the Author

Originally from Taunton, Somerset, I’ve spent much of my life in Falmouth, Cornwall, where I did a foundation course in art in 2007. After that I changed direction and did a degree and a masters degree in conservation biology and ecology. My first journal, ‘Asia and the Middle East’, was completed in 2009 and my most recent published one, ‘Indonesia by Folding Bike’ was completed in August 2012. There are still three smaller ones that I haven’t published yet (southern Africa, Kenya, and Europe again which I did in 2016).

After I graduated, I managed to get a job working on an ecological research program on a small Madagascan island for a year, since then I’ve been living in London doing some research on parasitoid wasps at the Natural History Museum and doing some bar and waiter jobs. When I’m not travelling or studying or doing some awful part-time job, I can often be found foraging for wild foods, brewing wine from dubious ingredients or looking under rotting logs for bugs. In October 2016, I started a PhD about UK moth diversity and agri-environmental schemes based at Rothamsted Research in the countryside near London. I’m planning my next big trip for 2020 in South America.